Item collection 2540614 original

Kaleidoscope - Kindle Fire Sleeve


Item collection 2030603 original

Black and White and Read All Over - eReader or Kindle Fire Cover


Item collection 2115899 original

Don Ho eReader or Kindle Fire Cover


Item collection 2043984 original

Parisville MacBook Sleeve


Item collection 2044810 original

Rise and Shine iPad Sleeve


Item collection 2063871 original

Guitars iPad Sleeve


Item collection 2063897 original

Swoon iPad Sleeve


Item collection 2063903 original

Swoon iPad Sleeve


Wandering Stars

We are quilters at heart, but here you will find not only beautiful heirloom quality quilts, but many other handmade items as well. Custom orders are always welcome. Many of our items can be made in different sizes, colors, etc. If you'd like something special just let us know. We'll work with you to create exactly what you are looking for. Thanks for stopping by!